When we don’t have anything to write, it’s bullshit.

I talk about the magic of the meta, but forget that.  What did you do yesterday… look in your phone.  Are you reading anything ?  Do you have kids?  A job?  Family?  Do you know of any humans?

This is a note to ME, ‘cause I’ve felt this lately, and after a weekend with the kids I have too much to write.  THEY, those little humans.  They are the topic, the thesis.

This divorce thing, and life after it which now finally approaches, I hope.

I have material.  WE, have material, as writers.  If you’re a writer, then write. Write the immediate, the non-fictive.  Like these cheater glasses I use from time to time and need to use more especially when I go out to dinner.  Embarrassing but funny as shit when I can’t read the receipt and have to have someone else fill out the tip line.  I’m getting old, and I’m vain.  So….

I write that.