Writing break, 10:02. Latte, little gift to self.

Hungry but not ready to break any part of fast.  Looking for new businesses in Berkeley, then to SF after this.  And an idea just as I say that.  Lady walking to get her coffee gives me the idea that new business is just that easy… go out and grab it.  Obsessing over prospecting this morning, then thinking how some don’t have to, they don’t try and still attract business.

Identity… that’s where the focus should be.  Who is Sonic, who I am and why I do what I do. Then more than that, the reality of realities and the changing geometry of certain connected beats.

Break lasting longer than it should’ve obviously, and me slowing in my latte sips.  Thinking…. Presentation next week, right before Oregon.

Thinking of Sal, Dean, the Road… the characters and music, conversations. Santa Rosa and how I am desperate to leave. Looking at more houses…  magic in the meta.  Thinking is the disruption, the DISTRACTION.

Latte nearly done, not wanting to be here anymore.  Thinking of a location change already, 10:25.  Why not.  Not concerned with acceptance or approval, or even hitting my quota right now. Certain happiness is what I’m targeting… a certain shape and flavor, look and walk.  And I find it in what’s already present… my friend and her charcuterie business, if that’s what you’d call it (cheese boards but more than just cheese on them, utterly brilliant in any consideration), my sister and the wine she makes, the shift and the dancing around times and technicalities, this AE story and how you have to juggle at least six to eight chainsaws at once.  Forgot the credit request, shit… will do after I look at a couple houses.

People… some abhorrent, some adorable.  Solve.