…so now… rest a bit.  Collect on page.  Surprising how blustery the day’s been.  Wind reminding me like I told neighbor last night of 2017 winds the night of Tubbs.  Try to put it out and far away from anywhere in my thinking.

One of the Sales Engineers emails me an answer to a question.  Kids outside playing baseball.  Neighbors’ kids that is.  Just waiting for meeting to start.  34 minutes.  Shudders upstairs banging.  Then another lead lands.  Beneficial start to the week and showing me small adjustments to make and their profusely and prolifically results.

Put a litte cinnamon atop espresso shots this time.  Another lead lands.  What is it with today…?  Like the universe is not so much “rigged in my favor” but just here for me, to teach me about ME and the new me I’m chasing.

Looked at a couple cars, but the numbers I walked out with I didn’t much care for.  So need to re-situate my sensibilities.  What car do I want, and what will I NOT pay.  Thought I know what I absolutely won’t do in terms of an MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) versus what I can do.  And NEVER tell…