7:24, up.

Full night’s sleep.  Last k-cup just made so think I’ll be leaving soon, again writing on Vine St, HBG.  May send a couple emails for Sonic later in day.  Today needs to be different than yesterday.  Running on treadmill for the first time since pre-pandemic reality.  What else… log what I eat.  Ate rather light yesterday, for the most part.  Did have one of those ice-cream bars for dessert which is very rare for me to have anything dessert-like, so I’l let that slide.

Sun reflecting off ledge right in front of me, absolutely blinding so I’m trying my hardest to concentrate on keys and screen.

IDEA:  Have all emails to prospects and clients or anyone in one doc, whether for Sonic or Bottledaux business.  Starting doc now.  

First win of day.