In Sonic office, already a contract out. Hate this small fucking desk but better here than at home in morning where I’d surely get interrupted by Henry or something, someone.  Collecting after sending out contract.  Running later, 4 mile commit.  Till then, looking for new businesses.  Have one new lead, an office I think in Petaluma.  Will get to that in a minute.

Notes today, for several projects.  LoFi beats in ears, so my character more eased this week – the week of my birthday.  Officially announcing war on the Prius.  More than a priority to be rid of it and replace, it is prime and elevated in project status.  Know what kind of car I want and need, just need to visit dealership at some point and see what kind of numbers I can solidify.  May do that later, after run.

Looking for new business… how….  Need to do other actions.  Not calling, or emailing, or even dropping in on businesses.  Then what.. WHAT.  Mom and Dad last night mentioning an old family friend, who built up a huge real estate book of business, setting aside close to or exactly or a bit over a million dollars.  How much did he prospect for new business when he started?  Eddie, his name.. guess I could ask, send him a quick email.

Can’t leave wine just yet.  Have the entire Summer to put self in position to where I don’t need the two sections of 1A in Fall… be completely AE, completely tech, startup, blogger, all of ….

Quickly glancing at cars.  Closer to target.  That was quick.  And I need it to be quick… quicker than quick.  Hear people in office, not sure how many with music going.  Don’t really care, honestly… the music needed more than others’ voices and company.

Into day…