How is it that Saturdays are stressful?

Oh that’s right I have three kids.  9:52 and already needing a nap or more espresso.  Seeing my friend Chris last night – not Caddis Chris but another one, one I’ve known longer and have been on several wine tasting missions with – you guessed it, I’m brought back to wine and wine writing, wine people, the industry but good and bad and whatever you’d find in between.

Class nearly over for the semester as I’ve pointed out a thousand or so times, and I want more.  More of the discussions, not grading fucking papers that’s for sure.  Time to consolidate, cut things… invited to consult for another wine business, this one I may take on.  Why?  It involves writing, blogging.  New approaches to branding.  No “hosting” or pouring at some location.  Not sure I’ll say yes eventually, but still something to think about and acknowledge that people see me as a wine writer and expect that from me.