Headed to field.  Not bringing any laptops.  Or, maybe this one, ME KEYZ I’m calling it now.  Hungry already, and only 9:39.  Thinking I’ll get coffee and something small.  Walk around, not pressuring self to prospect.  I love Petaluma and after Ditter kept talking about it last time he was over for wine had it in thoughts and now part of the office candidate list.  Maybe I won’t be in Marin….

No run today.  Or, I’m not sure how I’ll make one happen.  Too much to do, and too many projects I need to touch.  In a mood and writing self out of it, trying.  

The house is the block, the problem oftentimes.  Seeing that now.  Writing self into a character… essayist more.  More essays.  Didn’t pull the all-nighter I wanted to last night like a student needing to finish an essay or some final project.  Maybe tonight…