Came right to the desk. No news needed this morning.

Not that it’s ever really ‘needed’.  Heading to San Rafael, but need shower and shave and probably iron something. Salmon in fridge for dinner tonight.  Shoestring budget for week.  Have lunch for today written in, but may run in Petaluma instead.  Where would I change, I realize.  Maybe take the day.  Should have been up early today at 5 as planned, but of course….

7:48am, Thinking of what I can wear today.  Took quite a bit to the dry cleaners the other day.  I’ll find something, always do.  Aim today is just walk around, as I’ve always said is my “prospecting” strategy and approach. Don’t sell a thing.  And I have no intention of doing so.  Just leaving a card, saying hello, and letting them be to and into their day.

Some chill instrumentals to start day… Need to get gas.  Thought I’d run out on the way back from getting Starbucks this morning.  So let me line that up in head… shave and shower and clothes for day, call at 9:30 then launch to San Rafael.  Pack light, only journal and phone.  No laptop.

Class tonight, keeping it simple…. Focusing on their essays, their narratives from their lives.  Me, now.. trying to shift things a certain way, into a particular mode and beat.  The caffeine can’t work quick enough.  7:54, get in shower I say to myself.  The day’s just taxiing out, don’t think about class yet.  End of semester already in sight.  How is that…?  Time, just moving.  And me, writing, trying to catch it.  Have it catch me in some resplendent revolution or movement.

Lunch at that place in Petaluma today, what’s it called?  Wild Goat?  Crazy Goat?  Checked… Wild Goat.  No run then.  Just canvassing, then lunch, writing, observations.  Then back to desk.  On phone now with home warrantee company.  Think they made a mistake with billing – Well, I know they did.  Sending me an invoice for something I already paid.  Now they play some corny music while she checks.  Could use that seat at the café now.