Month ends. 7:27am. Tempted

to go back to sleep like I did yesterday, but won’t.  Am going to turn on news in a second, just to… I don’t know, just to check the news I guess.  No latte, just coffee.  Quiet house, hear dove or pigeon in that repeating hum-is chirp or call.  One potential appointment today, later in afternoon.

Started writing plan for tonight’s class. Want to keep writing but feel’s though I’m still waking.  Run yesterday still in legs and lower back a bit, and lungs.  Not that I had any trouble with my breathing, but since it was the first run in a bit the breathing was deeper and more effort-rolled.

7:37, still haven’t checked news.  Wondering if I should even, honestly.  Yes, take a break.  Yes, already.  See what the world says through the screen, see if the newscasters have switched rooms in their house.

7:55, back in chair already.  Didn’t take long for the news to bore me and remind I should be spending the time writing.  Will do plan for class in a minute.  Back still hurting, wondering if I shouldn’t run today.  Said I’d bring the kids lunch in Oakmont, all the way across town, at 11.  Could launch when back.  Should have gone this morning but slept in, no surprise.

Not sure I’ll need more coffee.  Already feeling quite awake and eager to get into AE story.  Just noticed and pointed out to myself that I’m not following the writing routine I set of ‘journal, blog, book’.  The 1948 journal gifted to me from Dad should be filled by now.

Head and sight going in too many directions.  This is where I should jump to journal, scribble notes avoid sentences.  Be more poet than writer and certainly “blogger”.  Have the pen hit the page, actual page, pages…. WRITE.