Call with prospect and Sales Engineer. Had lunch just now,

brushed teeth, now some espresso.  Melissa going to take kids out as they’ve been in house all day.  Tempted to nap, but what if I didn’t I ask myself.  Yes, no nap.  Write straight for an hour.  Time yourself.  All for the book.  Syrah last night reminding me to stay in wine and dismiss those dismissive thoughts.  Messaged Chris to see when next Caddis day is.  Halleck wants me to be a consistent presence.  Don’t want to overbook self as Mom has said…. In a brainstorming tower cycling pattern.  The ultimate aim is Bottledaux, and ME… and AE for both.  More than an AE but the entity itself.  Not what I do but who I am.

Just told Melissa I need to get in real clothes on first thing in the morning.  She nodded her head, and I don’t blame her.  Why don’t I just do it… I’ve said that to her dozens of times and have delivered possibly two or three?  Anyway…. Clothes out tonight.  Need to get something at the office supply store.  An inbox to have on desktop but then think of my idea just a few minutes ago of NO PAPER.  Be more tech-y, minimalist….  At my age I’m beginning to deplore clutter.

Just emailed self some writing from yesterday.  Should have that espresso now, feeling tired.  Jack walks in, “Hey what are you doin Mike?” Funny how he calls me Mike sometimes, joking obviously but there’s some relevance and importance to his words, his voicing Mike…. Not sure what to translate.. how to see it.  Kids eager to go outside, turning a cyclone of conflict and traded shots.

Shit, just remembered I have another call.  When are they leaving.  Quiet and peace so close I …