from this morning’s thousand

Making a new project list… starting in journal.  Just wrote “Bottledaux”…. How to turn it into something more than a blog.  Not ideas I’m feeling or seeing, so just keep writing I tell myself.  To these LoFi beats… music.  Always in my life, from early when I was like 4 or 5 and had Michael Jackson’s Thrill dance committed to mind, as well as all the tracks on the album.  Later with MC Hammer (yes, MC Hammer), Huey Lewis and The News, Hip-Hop and jazz, later Thievery and other electronica pockets…. There’s, something there.  What I don’t know specifically… what do I do?  Sound like that student who called me the other day to inform she didn’t get into UC Irvine.  “It’s fuckin bullshit.” She expressed, and told me her GPA and all the stuff she had accomplished, graduating early and what not.

She’s in Arizona right now for Spring Break.  I told her after she said she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with her life that she doesn’t need to figure out anything right away… and while in AZ even though obviously she’s going to party like any 20 year-old would, find quiet for yourself.  You don’t know what to do with the beat in front of you, and you don’t have to.  TAKE YOUR TIME, I suggested.  And now feel ME as a student of Mike Madigan getting some thought seasoning.

Feel the run from yesterday.  Wondering if I should go out today….   I’ll be consulting at that other winery tomorrow, so probably won’t get a run in morning even if I tried.  And, I like to hang out with the kids early, watch cartoons, be silly, get them breakfast, what not.  New music with wine, but still not knowing about the Syrah barrel.  Just write it….