#CreateConversationNow, Post 1:

So in the last year, what has happened to you?  How have you grown or what have you learned?  For me it’s been about incubation, and collection.  Trying to focus on ONE thing, have this one project that when all this is over things will be different.  Quality of life, the way I write, the way I speak, eat, listen to music, run…. EVERYTHING.

I’m an Account Executive for an internet/telecom company here in Santa Rosa, CA.  You always hear people say “AE”, abbreviating the role.  I’ve always thought that being an AE isn’t being an Account Executive but being “About EVERYTHING”.  Last year has told me to let everything in… resist nothing, translate everything – have it be a propellant toward your aimed-for destination.

It’s forced many of us to implement creativity, think on a more confined stage.  Which, to me, isn’t anything but helpful and empowering.  Yes, empowering.  I know it’s different for everyone, but what do you think?  What has it been for you? Where are you going from here?

The last year has been what kind of story for you?  How do you want it to change? Where were you, where are you NOW?