Latte done. Let buzz wear off then sneak in power nap.

List of to-do’s for my AE story…. Look through leads.  Look for new businesses.  Start my book club… yes, book club.  Humorists, my focus anymore…. Sedaris and Lawson, Irby of course… need to find others.  Last night I opened a bottle my buddy Jesse sold me, a Merlot-based blend from Sebastiani and I swear I tasted pinecones, and like a sharp piney smoke or oil.  Had to laugh ‘cause you’d never read that shit in the Spectator, or maybe you would…. Pinecones.  Like ACTUALLY pinecones.  It wore off a bit, eventually, just thought it was interesting, funny, quirky, just what I needed at the end of the most Monday-is Monday of my life.

Melissa texts me, asks if I have time to return Emma’s baseball helmet to a local store, “Dick’s”.  Yes it makes me laugh, and yes I text something juvenile kind return… “DICKDICKDICKDICK….  Dick-dick-dickety-dick…” She replies with a light ha ha, so I understand she doesn’t fine my lines funny.  So I keep going.  “One dick, two dick, three dick 4…..  All the dicks fly out the door!!!!!!”

Cricket farm.