I need to slow

down.  The other folly, with the plumber appointment.  Texted him asking when he’s coming by and he says he had me for tomorrow.  He, right – me, SO wrong, off.  Wrote it in a hurry yesterday, the time, and in my head so technically not written at all.

So now I slow, pause, stop rushing.  Learning from mistakes.  That’s what they are, learning angles and instances…

Now after 10, and I’m thinking a nap could be nearing.  OH.. right after I look for more books.  One author at a time.  And I just found one.  She might suck, but it won’t matter.  Well, I know she doesn’t.  She’s brilliant actually.  More than just brilliant or radiant or funny… she’s otherworldly.  Sloane Crosley.  Tried to think of other adjectives, even look for them, but none do what I need done to describe her.  Ordering a book in a minute.

Need to change music.  Sorry Tycho.  John Coltrane visits for the first time in a couple weeks….  Seriously feel like an old friend is here.  Like my old buddy Jesse from the wine world.  Can’t help but think about time and what time has done, how it ages …..