Not thinking about tomorrow. Calls, reports, emails,

any meetings….   Just now and this St. Francis Zinfandel.  Bottle I forgot was in there, the closet.  See?  Surprise, a revelation and unintended gift.. what wine is supposed to be, to me.

Melissa packing some box for some clothes she’s going to sell, or something I’m not sure.  Noise, noise.. still waiting for that quiet.  Had it last night for a bit around 1am when I made some coffee as I thought I’d be on Nurse Mikey duty till daybreak.

9:26am…. Not sure how much longer I’ll be awake.  Could use another glass, my sister’s Zin.  When up from nap this afternoon had a massive sleep hangover that even the espresso didn’t fully dilute.

Not thinking about tomorrow, anything I have to do for “work”.  What I am being, wine… my winery and traveling to Italy and France the same way Tucci does for food and history.  Need to be on airplanes, in small hits, at black iron tables tasting, speaking to winemakers and growers through a translator.  Or, just up in Oregon.  Staying at our Sunriver home and driving to vineyards and crush pads in all parts of the state.