9:48am – Quick writing break. Prospecting is driving me nuts.

Not sure I’m running today, still sore from yesterday’s 4.  Maybe do the bike instead, some weights.  Yes.

Latte nearing its end, like my patience.  What do I go after, businesses or people?  Answer may seem obvious.

Just made a note to myself to renew one of my url’s…  Taking self out to lunch today, I’ve rationalized.  Very conveniently.  Where am I going?  Maybe….

Think I need a drive, get out of the house.

Self note:  Happiness is a philosophy, write and create and produce around it.

Stay away from verticals, I remind myself.  Go after EVERYTHING.

Hear my neighbor drive away, the prison guard guy.  Will get something at Oliver’s…. Gives me an excuse to browse the wine section, se what new featured bottles are out.  So I think of a wine shop, winery, barrel of Syrah I want to do with Chris..  The PlumpJack Merlot from last night was like a letter to me, my character and the rest of my life…. WINE.

How many times am I going to stray away then return in some explanatory ray?

Waiting on shipment of Blair’s wines… visiting website again.