7:28am. Another day alone in house, getting work done.

Contract landing yesterday, and I’m hoping another today.  Starting with espresso and watching news while I type.  Commercials now, and….  Have you ever noticed that morning commercials surrounding the news are more annoying than other commercials?  I mean, it’s really fucking disruptive.  Part of me watches the news, and the other dreads the next set of commercials.  Uncomfortable sitting as I am with elbows on lap and me curved forward and over toward the laptop on this cheap table we bought at some point.  Can’t remember what I time I woke exactly.  Going to say 6:58.  Know it was before 7.

Espresso.  You are always my friend in the morning or anytime, any day.  Feel like I’m cheating on coffee.  Am I two-timing coffee?

Don’t rush into the day.  Get to know it, I remind myself.  Get to know yourself IN the new day.  What is it saying to you, then react.  React slow.  It’s more than calming down.  Self-assembly, initiating new music in your Self.  Sipping the last bit of espresso in this little cup, March 2nd and I start our walk.  Eager to learn.