March. What to do….

In a word, EVERYTHING.  Leads open, and ready to be called.  8:35 and with quiet in house I put my thinking in the complete AE reel.   Challenging self to something, won’t say what.  EVERYTHING… getting everything I see for self, with the writing and publishing, blogging and all.

First lead ready.  Should clean desk a little… the recipes, journals, running stuff, and whatever.

Desk clear, quarter till 9, ahead of the day as far as I can tell.  Year starting slo but I refuse to slow.  In this quiet, I’m seeing more and feeling more of the story, from its beats and riffs….

No idea what we’re doing in class tonight….  What do I want?  Already know.. noted.  This month will determine everything.  Year ago is when the world went into covid’s throat.  Now emerging more or less, I need more simplicity, more singularity…. Less thinking, more architecture and tangible production.  Less of the manic, more of the manuscript.

Coffee cold.  One more cup, then get into prospecting, searching, no more small stuff.  Bigger businesses.  But there I go thinking, and looking for busineses rather than people… not how I want to do this.