Challenging self again to only write about wine.

Yeah I said it.  WINE… only.  If I deviate or seemingly stray, I come back… idea from the call I just did with my Sales Engineer and a prospect who lives on Eastside Road.  Told him I was familiar with that area and how I know the family that owns Arista.  He got that winery confused with Armida, where he and his wife were married.  Really nice guy…. Anyway, talking about the wineries and my past at the Arista property forced another forced return and singular stressing.

One of the vineyards there on Westside Road I’d always walk before a day at Arista…. Chardonnay, owned by Kent Ritchie.  Looking through pictures now of course as I always do, and what I don’t do enough is walk vineyards like that.  I mean, I go out from time to time, drive down to Olivet Road and take a couple stills.  Cleaning ladies here at house, Melissa off with the kids for a drive, thinking now I do just that.. step onto slightly muddy and sloppy soil, picture drops off the trellising wires or canes.

Budgeting $100 for a Bottle Barn run.  Have to get tech variety I’d have on a flight at my winery.. so, SB, Merlot, Syrah, Cab.  That’s 4 bottles, and a $100 budget.  Should I increase it?  No… OR, one route I could go is if I were to show two bottles at a hotel or resort or convention pouring, what would I bring.  What characters.  A white and red… okay.  So, SB and Merlot.  Done.  Two bottles on that budget, no.  Okay.. 3.  SB, Syah, Merlot.  Or Cabernet.  Why do I always think Cabernet need be in the conversation?  What if it weren’t?  Would that make me the worst winemaker in the world?  

You don’t make Cabernet… OH NO.