Kids upstairs getting ready for their zoom calls.  Think I’m ready for my day as well.  Coffee definitely helping.  Book arriving yesterday, Lawson’s Furiously Happy.  On desk and vowing to get some reading time in, at some point.

About to with switch modes to telecom Mikey, but not before getting out a couple thoughts.  Writing aims down in 1948 journal pages.  Just one actually, like a grocery list.  Writing… that’s what it all is.  Being “successful” in sales, for me, will come from writing.  Well, I’m doing well, or did last year, so far this year posting a GOOSE.  That won’t last though, I know.

Cup done, and now in mode ‘AE’.  Wrote some notes, will write director’s email below this post on laptop doc, then maybe treat self to a latte. Hear Emma say hi to her teacher, and confirming she has on jammies.  Day is off….  One more cup of coffee.

Want to communicate more with AE’s outside the company.  Met one bloke on LinkedIn who’s an AE for a tech company in the city.  Have his number and will set appointment for next week.  Starting to be more selective with appointments.  Missed one last week, one I broached but not a big loss.  Some graphic designer in the city and he had to be coaxed a bit into the call.  I know, still not right, but I learned and move on.

A latte sounds amazing.  Have to log some expenses from yesterday.  Or not.  No, do.  Why wouldn’t you.  Nearly reached for journal to note a couple musings but will hold off for a bit… finish this post.

Tasha , friend of mine in the company, said I re-defined what it is to be an AE.  She told me this last year I think in February, when I had a lot on my mind and didn’t know how the year would go as a fully-sworn Account Executive and not long an Associate (AAE), before the pandemic presented.  Have to keep re-defining, I tell self, and note on paper page.