7:57 Cold again, heater coming on continuously.  Busy day planned for a xmas even.  Can’t even remember everything we have going on, but it’s considerable.  Not sure how long we’re expected to be in AE mode today, but I’m guessing around 1 is when they’ll say take the day.

1,405, yesterday’s word count.  Plan was to do 10 300-word sittings.  Didn’t work I guess, but I didn’t fully assign self to such, I mean let’s be honest.

Ran into a former student yesterday at Starbucks picking up some gift cards.  She’s going to leave the area soon to either go to UCLA, UC Irvine, or UCSB for English Major undergrad completion then to law school.  I always saw her potentially as a lawyer, specializing in either civili liberties, immigration, or a voice for social justice and change.  Sure enough she told me “Law!” after I said I always saw her as a future attorney.  We both laughed and talked about writing, and the journals she still keeps, and how she has a journal in her bag in the back and writers on her breaks.  

Writing in the 1948 getting too small for me to see.  My own writing.  Isn’t the humorous, humor, I mean just a little?  Fucking old fossil…. Take two space, or three lines for words.  Ugh, I hate getting old, hate it.  Though, I will say, proud of my run yesterday and that a geezer like me could put up those kinds of numbers.  My range is increasing, and I’m getting back into running shape, the 8-mile lunch shape I was in while the office was open, before the covid rope.

Today, I tell myself, just research businesses.  And go outside the ABC vertical… have fun.  Look for software developers, or digital agencies, video production, even music production.  My gift to self today, and tomorrow, and in ’21 – MORE FUN.