Got to desk a bit late.

Must have been tired.  Still though, unacceptable in my thoughts.

Sent reports and day plan to director.  Kids up and in other room.  At desk for the moment, but skip to couch in a bit.  Not sure much is going to happen today in way of sales, but we’ll see.

Made coffee.  Moving to espresso following.  Going to need it.  Have to write students and start planning next semester, Critical Thinking.  Could not come at a more opt time.  Thinking Critically and more intimately about where I am, what I’m doing with what’s going on.  In the world, in this house I think as Jack sings loudly something about cereal or his underwear.  Can’t translate.

Not sure what I do now.  Not ready to get on phone and make calls.  Have to make an adjustment to a client’s account, which is noting exciting.

More caffeine on table.  Needed.  Thinking critically, more connectedly and intimately about NOW.

Just heard from management about a build cost.  Not bad.  Think there’s a chance I could get one more before year closes.  Looked at leads going currently.  Have more than I thought I did.  Huh, for how late I woke this morning I’m ahead of the morning and day and everything happening around me. 

Smooth jazz which I rarely listening to, on as Melissa and the kids makes something in the kitchen.  Think a craft, or snowman, something.

Get a note in the AE collective discussion that one AE is taking off the week.  Shit, I think, should have done that.  But it’s not my personality, at all.  Just prepped a note to send to a couple prospects.  Further fining my business plan for 2021, writing everything down, 1 location.  The 1948 journal.  About EVERYTHING, I just noted.  Just email quick notes, see if you get a response.

Sales is so funny around the holiday, how it all holds itself in a cold halt.  Nothing moves.  What does it matter though, I think to myself.  I’ll move.  I’ll communicate, I’ll create, I’ll collect and introspect.

Told by another AE that this week tends to be slow. The week can be as slow as it wants, I say to myself.  I’m moving quick.  Have this AE project I want to build, write, take notes for and toward.  About everything, this book.. right now.  Where I am and what I’m doing.  They listen to something in the other room, of Emma trying to talk when she’s probably only a couple months old and Jack’s voice showing his youth.  Right now involves that moment, whenever it was.  Hear Jack saying “Daddy, daddy….” in a voice that does not sound like the today-Jack.  Told my myself just now that writing will make everything materialize in this new year.  The AE book is about more than the Account Executive address.  Yes, that’s what started all this, but…..  Like Dane said, using this as a bridge or “platform” as he said to get somewhere.

Thinking Ovid…