3:27pm Running out of steam.

How much more can I prospect, look for new business.  Reaching out to certain people over LinkedIn, and sending emails.  Napa just closed, in SIP.

Both big kids going nuts, calm at the moment.  Tonight I am vowing that I’ll be here, in this chair, quiet… reading.  Or, working at kitchen island counter.

Settling in new vertical for prospecting.  Of course I’ll go outside it occasionally, but settling on it.  I need consistency.  My loudest “resolution” for the new year, I guess.

Need a drive, then I think “NO, stay where you are.” SIP symptom, for sure.  I feel like being able to look for new business after this is all over will be similar to being released from incarceration.  Not trivializing being locked-up, but that’s what I predict the feeling’ll be like.

Look right, out window, one of the further neighbors leaving house and getting in car with her son.  Think I need the same, a drive, but just me.  No one else.

Wrote something for wine blog, and posted.  Need that to be a daily verve, 199 words max everyday.  One post, at least.  Again telling myself that I need write only about wine, like someone said I should years ago before I started blogging.  People saw me as a wine-whatever then, 2009, and before… so what happened, I ask myself interrogatively.

Lately wine has been coming back to me, or communicating more with me and my inner-words.  Over the past few months, really when all this covid shit started, wine and I were at a lull, stall, impasse.  Now, I’m finding voice and play, MUSIC, in nearly everything I taste… even the Talbot Chardonnay from last night.  Think it has two t’s, whoops… anyway, I’ll be sipping the rest tonight, taking notes, real-time.  Post it.  Add to shop, thinking of how I’d “sell” it.  Well, I wouldn’t.  I’d speak it, as I’ve written before.  One wine from the other, true stem analogy and idea.