More lockdowns or shelter orders entertained.  Fine, I think.  What can I do to help it or pretend I can help it.  Nothing.  Incarceration.  Write.  All of it.

Hear my two-month old crying or moaning, then Jack’s learning program that he has to do for 20 or 30 minutes a day, then him sniffling.  Survival, I think.  Everyone’s going through this, or many are, but I only see what is to be seen in this house and with these humans… being an Account Executive and having to meet quota yes but sell enough to provide life for your family.

Back down in office corner from putting little Henry at ease.  Poor little bloke, just wanting his pacifier or someone to stand or sit next to him.  Pacifier in and the little bunny rabbit motion commences, I stand and watch him deliver himself to peace.

30 minutes till run.  Will get in gear at 12:15.  Need a new route, but then I tell myself don’t think about the route, just get out there and run make it as random and unexpected as you can.  In this lockup, you’re allowed to get out for a run.  At least for now.