Over-budget on wine-buy at Bottle Barn.

Only reason why is the guy told me about a collection they recently acquired and I had to take a look.  He was fine in his sales speak and invitation, and  it was more of an invitation and than a pitch or speak.  Before that though I just walked around.  I honestly didn’t expect to spend as much as I did.  Last time I was at BB I parked for a second, and drove off.  Today, with that jazz that was playing while I was walking around and looking at small format bottles and odd blends, even venturing into the imports.. which reminds me, he also told me about a collection of Spanish wines they recently bought but I wouldn’t let myself over there, later after my second buy.  Yes, I went to the register twice.  Trying to build a serious cellar.  Not to show off, and not to sell later as my dentist Larry told me he did a few years back with some Bordeauxs or Marcassins.  I’m building a cellar to give to the babies, or sell in the store to friends only, not to the public.  Not even to “big buyers”.

The kids this morning, how they were playing and how they later were doing something that reminded me of childhood and I can’t remember exactly what – one thing was playing Nintendo with Jackie – but I was a kid today.  So $12.46 over, who cares.  Same way I walked around the store, like a kid peering at new figures and sets, characters and bikes and bouncy-somethings.  That was me, in those isles.

The cellar, divided into two provinces.  Need to keep self as set and professional as the varietal divisions at the store.  Not overthink it, but not be so quickly taken to distraction.  But what am I opening tonight.  The Selby, the blend, that Decoy Chardonnay?  Something to write, I’ll look back at what I picked, and I’ll be honest I can’t recall each bottle, name them for you.  I’ll just gently peer, then pick, then pen.