8:37am Kids want “Daddy breakfast”.

I want a run, but not feeling like it, yet.  May have breakfast with them though I thought I’d abstain.  Well….. today and tomorrow, planning week.  Still waiting on two pretty sizable contracts to land.  Don’t want to think about that now.  What do I want to think about… my office.  The door, doors, views.  Where it is in the city, and yes I want SF now not Marin.  Well, I’d settle for Sausalito.

This A-so-E idea is interesting to me.  Not sure what it is really, how it would help a business or individual.  I just like the Account Executive idea and how it’s more than those words.  Being an AE at Sonic is what brought me here, to this mind and estimation and utilization of what’s around me.

Starting off with a newsletter, titled A-so-E.  Post to LinkedInIn, then send out on mailing list from the ‘vino letter a jour’ project.

More coffee.  Walk to kitchen, brew cup in Keurig, take sip, go upstairs and check on the 2-month old.  He’s two months old.  I have an actual baby in the house.  I reword it as many ways as I can to appreciate the reality more and see if from all levels.  He’s a book, a project, a storm and tsunami of jots and sketches.  Interesting.