I think writing’s the problem sometimes.  Thinking I have to write everything down.  It stressed me.  Like a self-done bruise.  I always need to be noting or capturing, working…. Think I heard Stephen King say “the good stuff sticks”. Why can’t I adopt and enact such an act?  Why do I work so hard, so much?

Used to say “Think less, write more.” Rather I should be of the way, “Write less, live more.” Write after.  Okay.. I taught myself something.  Right to Rate Your Professor.  Or not.  I don’t want to be THAT student, even if it’s complementary.

Writing and I now have a different relationship.  Proof of it would be, or will be.. I don’t know, tonight I guess?  Stop writing after this?  I’d urge students in any English class to do that.. rather than run around with a mini notebook or tablet, gather a bunch of life, scenes and voices, interactions… save it all for one sitting, one occasion a day with the chair and desk where you amplify and re-translate the day.

Friday.  Day winding down, closing.  Started doing so before 3pm, in my eye.  Had sort of a customer service call a bit ago, and now nothing.