Up with Emma.

She eats breakfast and plays with some toys, relaxing into her Saturday morning.  Me wanting to note certain thoughts and collect composition of person, hopefully forming some personhood of sorts.

First thing on Monday, reports to director, then follow up on leads.  I want 3 contracts next week, no fail.  Already now which prospect to most assertively follow.  Then others, a bit more lightly, a check-in.  The only goal is the meet the number, that’s it.  Save and save and more importantly work and work, PRODUCE till I have my office, the wine shop and label in 2021.

Checked the Marin Half-Marathon for which I’m registered last night and turns out I’m not doing it till 2021.  Race pushed back a year.  What can I do.  Probably a boon for me, still with sore legs from my cycling the other day.

Outside, actually seeing blue.  AQI at 43.  Run before noon, I instruct.  Will.  Short run.  No more than 4 miles.  Route down Coffey, or out to Marlow/Stony Point and turn around at 2 miles.

Emma’s cartoon is loud, and disruptive, a bit annoying, but a beneficial challenge. Focing me to focus.  Ideas for short stories like the one I’m working on below about the wine writer who suddenly doesn’t get wine anymore, it doesn’t speak to him.  He still likes it, but there’s not the connection and Romance there was when he started.

Not posting anything to social media today.  Everything to blog, to BOOK.  Essays eventually from notes…. Emma eating dry cereal and so in a zen zone with the simplicity of her circle.  A floor, a cartoon, cereal.  Why can’t we as adults do that… Why do we need so much?

This new laptop, Dad gifted me, have to make it work.  This has to be the key or badge of sorts to get me to my There.