Friend telling me he’s not making much wine this harvest, because of the fires, and I think a little from covid.  He also tells me that many of the smaller producers will not survive.  I need to buy more wine, I thought… study the business more and when the shop gets off the ground prepare for the next pandemic.

I see myself making a few barrels, next vintage… putting that on the 365 Aims Docket.  Only write wine, not about it but from it, HER.  What this fucking pandemic has done to wine’s world, just saddens me.  So I decide to go get lunch, bring it back here, then go tase somewhere.  Maybe Balletto.  Haven’t been there in a while.  Miss that patio, the drive down Occidental Road.  The visual verses from those trees and how the sky’s presented on the stretch of the drive before their driveway.