Emails. no phone yet.

In the Sonic office, feeding from its walls and sounds, the business itself. How to grow ME, and what I do… what I represent and see as my story.

Consolidation…. Part of the model and mode

Just notified that remote instruction for SRJC will be through Spring 2021. Not that I planned on teaching next semester anyway, but this tells me I need to do something new… start a project that will compose and forward not just financial structure and security, but elevation.

Attitude, focus on attitude I remind myself. And publish everything… everything. That “meta-publishing” that’s in the header, or title bar, whatever you call it for this blog.

Put sweater on. Walk to restroom….

Class tonight. Thinking of ways to simplify, consolidate there as well. Give myself less to grade…

Wine projects, reminded last night when I opened that red blend I bought at Oliver’s. Inexpensive, I think like $14 or $15. And interesting, lively, communicating…

Feeling fatigued, then an idea hits me. And I mean, HITS. On self-education, writing, teaching self…. now I see more. The idea is so seductive that I write it. Ink. By hand.