Version 2

Shower, finally shaved.  No coffee in house.  Will go get one, iced coffee no latte, in a minute.  Kids still asleep.

Today, working on web design projects and going through photos, old and some newer.  

Technically today is a day off but I don’t believe in that, especially after last month.

7:28am late start for the writer but not really considering where I am now and what I’m doing, writing rather than sleeping in.  Having my last glass last night rather early and to bed earlier than most I’m sure if they used last night to start 4th of July celebrations two days early which I know some did.

Coffee calling me, as is my budgeting log.  Need to update… touch the ‘#ahealthierselfrightnow’ project as well, today.  Yes, plan on being quite busy.

Rubbing left eye, symptom and evidence of coffee need.

Leaving now, music on the way… weights and bike later, light lunch….  

Sorry, just notes.  Leaving now.