Heading to the street today.  Light and very gentle canvassing.  I have to.  More visibility.  And more than that just covering more ground, doing more, having more conversations.  Thinking of what else I can do today… be on the phone, send emails, put out any story and or visual I can.  July, the month I need to be historic starting now with 8 total days left in June.

About to take some notes, prepare journal and light equipment for Road.  Leaving laptops here.  Travel LIGHT.

Have on badge, sipping coffee, not rushing Jackie out the door to camp.  Not forcing anything this morning… eased and relaxed like that seagull in the water yesterday, in that little cove I found by the restaurant walking around.

Everything that the other AE’s don’t do I plan to make my focus and hallmark, today and going forward.  Many don’t like walking around, canvassing… done.  As well as calls, very well.  Communicate with Chambers of Commerce, just say hi…. Develop products and services outside the product guide.  Not actual products, but meta-products, my self being the product and service.

7:59, already covering area, ground in sitting here while Jackie enjoys a bowl of dry cereal.  ‘Bout to make second cup.  Before so, make space on page for today.. Date, aims for day.  Be in Marin.  Just walk around.  Go through business cards when back home, as well.  Just keep talking, keep elevating visibility.  Don’t stop moving.  And if you do for a second, move your pen.  Write down ideas.  Build more than just the funnel, build YOU and your presence.