9:36am, Calls to make, readied. 

Going to get a latte…. Then when back, plan this business more.  Have it center around prospecting, genuine and heartfelt connection…

Melissa still on Zoom meeting, planning which kids go with which teacher.  Went upstairs to check on kids, and they are watching some cartoon, Ben 10, I think.  Should tell them not to do that but I need to get things done, I need productions today.. separation from any stalemate in production or activity.  Class tonight, completely different, in several sectors and considerations… prepping ideas, more of a 1:1 approach which will be difficult in that this section is quick, witty, and more than tenacious in the sculpting and sharing of their ideas.

Writing to keep self in chair, to myself closer to my There.  Even if I am forced to “shelter”, I’ll be here in corner, or on the couch–  Heard kids get up, upstairs.  They may be coming my way.  So then leave, go get your latte now.  How much money in the wallet… let me count…..$202.  Which has to last me till Friday, where I pay myself again but only $200 not the usual $300.  Had to pay $100 for quarterly dues to leads group, which I may leave before long…. Need to center in Marin, not Sonoma County.  I remember when I first joined the Enterprise group at Sonic I was told to get the hell out of SoCo… So… doing so.  Where is there a co-working space, in San Rafael….  Or should I keep coLAB?  Just noting everything that’s in my head, and I’m tired of just circling towers, deliberation… PRODUCTION…

Wrote check, need to email it—I mean MAIL.  Quarantine affecting my expression, but only if I let it.. my office has to be up here, but when I walk streets THAT will be my office.  Will be ANTI-office.  If you’re behind a screen you’re further from any dream.