Breakfast burrito.

Guess I’m not running today.

Computer acting odd, irritating me immeasurably, waiting on a plumber for kitchen sink.  Wish I knew how to do that shit, fix sinks and nail nails into wood.  Maybe in another life.

Not much to do today in the way of work.  Well there is, I’m just not in the mood to do it.  Waiting to hear back from prospects, my problem.  Shouldn’t be waiting at all.

After I post this, I promise to sent an email or two, maybe more….  Just wrote a new “touch” email.

Still no plumber.  Why do people make me wait?  And why did I have that other glass of Arista Pinot?  Seriously thinking I need another coffee.  Just one cup.

12:31… where the ….. is this guy?  Try not to curse as much.  A challenge for me, these days.  This week has been tough, with the volatility of the kids, Melissa, and me… difficult even to write.  Last night’s class was what I needed, being more free in my instruction, and the students keeping such a momentum among each other that it was difficult to adjourn.  They made me a new student, again… learning about writing and narration, taking notes and making something of, or writing something about, THIS.  Being quarantined, or just the texture and flavor of life now.