Just Emma and I downstairs.

Work area, a goddamn mess.  Starting to clean.

Came right to desk after waking, of which I’m proud and a bit pleased.  No stall or interruption.

Emma asks for breakfast, I hurry in my work so I can make her one in a second.

What can I do different, today?  How can I switch up my pattern, make it a nonpattern?  More learning about self and habits, me in this quarantine…

Now Jack awake, and sniffling….  May treat self to sbux this morning, since yesterday no cash was spent, just wrote check for Emma’s daycare, which was fucking $970.  Wish I would spend that much on myself….  What would you spend it on, though…  a Car? An office space?  New laptop down payment?  Something like that.

Holding off on coffee…. More cleaning of the office.