Two phone appointments, back to back, starting at 9am.  Class tonight, not sure what the plan is for that.

Kids up and already demanding everything four times over.  Frustrated with my inability to wake earlier.  Well, the easy answer is go to bed earlier, which for some reason I choose NOT do.  Such changes tonight.  That’s what I’m telling myself, over and over and over…

Block out noise, that include kids and their current craze over whatever.

Don’t like sweater I’m wearing.  From an old winery I used to work.  Makes me feel old.  So I change …  Done.  Don’t like my quarantine hair so I put on beanie.  Need order more of these.  Should do now, or in a bit.

Emma wants me to help her with a connect-the-dots page.   Looks like a dinosaur.  She sits in the little chair to my right.  Jack calls to her and she answers, then goes to him.

Preparing for call.  Going to produce so much today I’ll shock myself.  Preparing for class tonight after the two calls with my Sales Engineer.  Need more coffee.  Thinking of getting a latte.  The coffee here in house isn’t doing much beside waking me, which is its job I get it, but I need seduction.  Some texture… a story, something calming being quarantined as I, we, are.