Made self some coffee, take sip, think more about this start up…. “bottledaux – knowing Now, FREED.” Is it freedom we want, or something else?  Maybe it should just be “knowing Now”, as if you’ve done that, then you can be free, happy, healthier, really whatever you want.

This new journal, for new thinking and new approaches to possibilities and ideas and things that are otherwise just dreams.  The cottage just blocks away from the ocean, the blogging attic, travel, the wine shop….  Playing frisbee with son, if he ever takes himself away from his work, use to meditate and collect.

Second day of this new race toward office.  Thought of a space in San Rafael, as I’m down there quite a bit.  When released from this quarantine, and if it’s still open, I want my office to be that brunch spot on 4th.  Can’t remember its name…  Tried looking and wouldn’t know it if I saw the name.  Either way I know where my office will be.  One of them at least.