4/8/20, Wednesday


Shower.  Actually dressed. 

Even have my Sonic badge on so I can feel like I’m really in production character  Emailing is a huge motion for day.  Going to analyze and categorize my AE activity, today.  Not sure what form that’s going to take, yet, but from there I plan on migrating that to my blogging business, realizes for purposes of marketing, sales, PR cards.  And what I mean by “cards”, intentions.  What’s planned.  Like a fight card, or some card for an event… a docket, I guess, even though I detest that word.  Or maybe not detest, but I’m not fond of it, just find it annoying.

Budgeting… have to enter yesterday’s expenses…. Starbucks run, Oliver’s, a dinner I was craving.  Back still hurts from yesterday’s run.  So I’ll do weights today, and pushups, sit-ups.  Have the 45 minute Zoom meeting with the wine professor at SSU, and her class.  On DTC.  That’ll be effortless, and a good opportunity to share some of my thoughts and elevate awareness of projects, collected words.  And, to interact with SSU students, on the topic of wine.  Haven’t done that before in this context and placement.  So I’m excited to see how it goes.

Nearly 25,000 words into this New Journal, and I just heard that schools may not open in the Fall.  Fuck…. So what does that mean?  I’m trying to find comedy and some sort of lightness in this covid thing but now I’m just annoyed, impatient.  Writing for my life.  I don’t see anything happening to Sonic, but what if something did.  I’d need something.  And of course, bigger businesses, or any surviving business would be smothered and bludgeoned with applicants.  I only have self… so I need to post more.  Release more articles… I know, the ‘promises, promises’ prose of Mike Madigan.  Not distant memory, but this is different.

What do people need now…. What do I need?  What do WE need.  That could answer questions for me or anyone wanting to write.  Kids are up, and they’re not worried about any of this shit.  I mean, they know about the virus and what it is, the impact it’s having, but there’s no preoccupation.  Nothing.  No worry.  They just play.  That’s what we need to do, with some organization and containment.  Have something on which we’re focused and move from there….  Just noticing how effective the coffee I made is, made last night and this morning added ice so an Iced coffee I can sip quite quick.  And my typing reflects such.

I hear about, and from, so many staying in their pj’s all day, working in them.  Maybe I should have done that.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.  Yesterday on the Zoom call, the Salesforce training, one of my co-workers looked exactly as he does in the office, with a Sonic sweater on, hair done nicely, shaved, and sipping his coffee from his silver tumbler (what inadvertently coached me to have my coffee in my black container, today).  That’s what I want.  That’s what frees.  Being in normal character, WORKING, producing, and if not producing any metrics then moving.  That movement is the production.

8:14 now, and about to look for businesses.  Found an organization in the city, but then I realize I can’t go to SF or introduce self, but I can write.  I can communicated.  That’s the point to all of this, this time, how to be usefully moving with what’s happening.  COMMUNICATION.  If there’s ever been a time to build your business or brand, I’m seeing, it’s NOW.  Glad I got dressed for work.  Wonder if a t-shirt and those “jammie pants” as my daughter always says would have give me the same A.M. sitting and realization here.  Let me ask….