3/27/20, Friday



Going to start calls in a minute.  Wrote business idea in BW journal.  Kids not as crazy as yesterday, at least for now.

Targeting Graphic Design firms, marketing and advertising offices, architects, digital design, web design…  Everything I’m interested in.  I’ve been doing that, but not with the intensity I should.  Aim, even though I said I wouldn’t jot aims anymore, is 25 businesses.  List them all.  That will be my launchpad, or nexus for the agency, MY agency, the P-O-Z Agency.

Need more design, more visual incorporated into not just the blog, but everything.  One challenge presented by this shelter order, that I can’t go our there and be in front of people, show my enthusiasm and liveliness for Sonic.  Or wait….. yes I can!  Video….  I’ll take a drive later and shoot one.

Ideas this morning applying to many businesses… wine, me as an “educator”, blogger and writing bloke, and just Mike Madigan.