3/26/20, Thursday

Woke earlier than usual, leads group meeting over phone.  After that and after a quick battle with car, came home to a leaking kitchen ceiling.  Just when the circumstances and how they’re set couldn’t get anymore interesting.  Straight into prospecting and research, with crazed beast children around me.

Need some lunch.  Like what…. Whatever I can find in home.  Bought self latte earlier, as it was entirely warranted and necessitated, and then a hot chocolate for someone else in house.  Logging and tracking production in day.  Found two commercial real estate firms to contact, and I did.  Now to property management.

Noise in house, from all angles… from the babies, Jack most audibly, and the fan in kitchen.  No more new aims being set, only logging what’s done.  Tonight I’m thinking of when there’s no noise, a complete sound void, what I’ll do.  Come back here, rather than work on phone.  Which I did last night, but it’s not being in the chair…. IN THE CHAIR, where I tell students they should stay, remain, till something significant and something they enjoy is on page.

Jack agitating his mother and sister.  I don’t fault him, even when it sounds like I do getting annoyed with his restlessness, like this morning throwing a sock at me while on a call with a prospect (I nearly laughed while talking to the guy).  Now I’m restless… Dad had a good point on our call this morning, what if you can’t get ahold of them. Which of course I already measured, but then my head went to time.  What if this lasts a long time?

Re-writing CV as I think I noted, and a concise and vibrant letter which I re-write over and over, have several letter prepped to launch to various businesses.  And after that I don’t know, something… some project.  Always a move, a movement, new music and beats to play.