My sister’s birthday.  She, turning 39.  Time again reminding me to move quicker.  With more efficiency, yes, but with more.  Of everything. Intention and sight, focus and fixation, containment.  Going through leads….

Sending more emails than I have I think in weeks.  3:!9 now.  May head over to the office in a bit.  Canvassing and prospecting these small businesses today in BMK, not the Now I want as an AE.  I need bigger houses, tech, or something tech associated.  Found a couple prospects through research…. TECH.  What….

Yes, just tech.  Everything tech.  Software developers, video game designers, software engineers… everything in that vertical.  Honestly, I’m getting annoyed by all the one or two-character coves when prospecting.  I’m going more than at a high velocity, to be in altitudes of mirroring height.

Added some companies to Follow-up grid.  Now, zenning… meditation, collection.  Today, marking a couple appointments, making a handful of connections and conversations arriving.  Still in odd tilt from past few days.  Telling self to be enveloped and engulfed, CONSUMED by work.  More and more sights with my concentration on tech, or anything tech-associated… it all returns to having clients be at ease, pleased.

After this last cluster of minutes in day, head to parents for sister’s birthday.  More than likely will spend night there, work more tonight and research more tech dimensions and enclaves in Marin, East Bay (Berkeley), some SF.  It’s more than internet or phone, it’s principle and pervasive solution for businesses.  Thinking of not giving life to wine blog, vinovinevin, but beginning a tech-centered blog… a stream of notes and musings and findings, associated with tech, yes, but more business and best practices for tech companies.

Brevity, in everything.  Not going to keep repeating the word “tech”.  Ugh…..  Brevity in all communication, expression… let your prospect respond.