Was just told we can leave between 12 and 1 if all work is done, or tended to, or something.  In no mood to leave early.  What I’m hoping is that many around me do, and the volume of conversation dissipates entirely.

Cut my left pinky finger, and the last bandage was horribly uncomfortable so I got a new one from one of my suitemates in this building, and it’s less awkward but still something strangling my finger.  No run today.  Maybe a writing lunch. But where….  That bakery down the street?  Haven’t been there in a while.

Del Valle?


Something from one of the food trucks outside?


Indecision caused by thought….  Maybe go for a walk, sure there’s a truck out there somewhere.  Or get something here. Still own the other building’s market for the drinks I bought last Friday for Melissa and the kids when they visited for pizza.  Bored of my writing… so what to do, go offsite.  Downtown SR maybe, and here I go again just talking about doing something.

A hotdog sounds good.  Wonder if the hot dog guy is out there.  Could check.  Papers on desk.. need to buy boxes… get wine to research and study, wine shop… online entirely, online DTC, solely.

Work… building a business from an idea.  Want a shop.  Want my own office.  No more wishlisting, I’ve promised who knows how many times.  Still quite a few people here.  Going to get off clock and look for lunch somewhere.  Walking though, no driving.  Heard stomach angrily growl at the writer.

Thoughts on Sonic, my AE story… everything is something to blend into it.  Even the notion of lunch…  Speaking of, need to email someone FOR a lunch meeting.