Done with article, but still thinking about last night. And my babies…

here with me with no worries or concerns other than to have fun, enjoy their xmas movies and our tree, Emma excited about her birthday tomorrow… me, their dad.  How do I do this, have I been doing it right, and so on in my head.

Think I need another cup.  Know I shouldn’t as I’m trying ot cut back on caffeine, like wine, but another cup just one more sounds delightful and resplendent.

The Grinch song plays, Emma intrigued with the words and the old visuals in the cartoon.  “…you have garlic on your skin..”? Is that what he said, the guy singing?  Want to write this more, being Daddy to Emmie and little Keoruac.  Want them to work with me one day, in some creative office… and the wine story, in the tasting room if they want—or, not tasting room but heading DTC efforts somehow, speaking the story of the winery, their story, their Auntie Katie’s and he making of the wine (I’ll make her go against her contract at her winery somehow.)

Thinking no coffee. Sparking water instead.

Wife going to get hair done, or something, me here with the wee beats.  No hassle, no loudness, unusual harmony and composition.  The Grinch song reappears, and the lyrics are more inventive and creative than I remember.

Emma tells me to LOOOOOOOK, the Grinch taking all the ornaments and trees, presents.  What a dick.

Why are those kids, or kid things, sleeping with candycanes?

From last night, the conversation I had not memorable.  Not anything.  I’m confused when I remember the words, and the people I was talking to.  Not Jesse, or even Joe, but the others.  Why was I talking to them.  What was I doing there?  What was my aim or objective in being there?