Posted article. Set an appointment. Time to find another.

Shoot for three, today.  All sales, all fiber territory.  Write only Sonic.  Not wine.  Think I may be sick of wine—no don’t say that, you just want to wake earlier.  Make wine part of this, approach fiber and Sonic as you do wine but write only Sonic… the positions, the Agency aspect, my P-O-Z Agency (Don’t forget about that, I tell self.).  Breathe…. Disrupt.

Hours later.  4:18.  Sipping coffee.  Feeling the 8-mile run, tired and with sore legs.  Will have to stand in class.  What am I lecturing on, no idea.  Actually…. Yes.  Sonic.  The principles of Sonic.  Not “principles”, but speak from a literary tongue and disposition.  Thinking about getting a glass of wine before class, at Whole Foods, but I’m going to MAKE self remain here, write for class and finally kill remaining grading for the 1A semester.  Only submission left to grade is the one they’ll submit on the 19th.

Director just messaged me, “Told ya… Momentum is a beautiful thing!” This after me not being the most celebratory of senses this morning when he praised me for November’s numbers, and that I wanted to keep the momentum going.  All this, to be said in tonight’s class.  Get away from the academic ax, curriculum coffin.  Up early tomorrow morning, keep this momentum not just GOING but alive and hungry, TIRELESS like the post-it stuck to the left side of my monitor in big letters laments.

Going to send a couple more emails, then call the day, start to plan for tomorrow.  Have the speakers group at 12:30, then a lunch meeting with an IT guy at 2.  When can I run….  11?  Or, take the day off.  OR…. Not going to worry about it.

One of the trainers leaves, the other leaving about 15 minutes ago, maybe more.  Can hear some people laughing two cubicle villages over.  Listening to everything, someone in the NOC telling a story about when he was in Tech Support.  The way to approach AE life is to know you’re already in it, and you don’t have to do that much and certainly not change that much.

A and E.  More sternly producing in my immediacy, using what’s in front of me.  From the coffee cup to the business cards, pieces of scratch paper and random notes… this is the start to the P-O-Z Agency.  I know it is. We can all start our own agency.  The field and specialty, or “trade”, doesn’t matter.  Agency is about identity, some vocalization, some song that only YOU can sing, as I see it.

Even writing about this, all this, the Agency and prospecting, the desk and the shit on it, is too much.  Don’t do your job so much, I always punctuate and stress to most people I talk.  Why?  Cuz when you push, you’re pushing yourself away from what you’re after.  That’s what I’ve found.  Yes, I say to myself… wine.  WINE.  A glass at, wherever.  Grade there.  Plan there.  Post from there.