Tasting with a

guy and his wife, today. Healdsburg. He from my leads groups, initially for lunch then decided to hit 3 rooms. Knowing again why I’m trying to get out of the industry of wine and deliver self to professional consumerism. Could write words, several, and I will, about all 3 rooms… Bringing the Hawley Pinot to Mom and Dad’s for dinner. Not sure what they’re cooking and it doesn’t matter. Want to share that wine with them.

Still want my wine office on the square. I don’t care what the rent would be. It’s only money, an expression I used to shun and get quite annoyed by, but it’s true. It only takes money.

At Lancaster tomorrow, and there’s a high likelihood I could be sent home early, from damage and effects and low traffic from the recent fires. May cut my story with them…. start the wine affiliate marketing and sales operation. Start with the the wineries of today. Two of them, for sure.

Saw friend Gary at Stonestreet. We used to be in the TR trenches together at Kunde, years ago. Seeing him always reminds me of wine and it’s place and post, story and profile, importance in my story. He and I both from literary sittings. Our talks on literature, wine… something I need returned. Brought back to my room and current stage.