Done with first initial appointment on my own.  Confidence is present, but I want to learn more.  About the technical facet to this business and what Sonic does.  Do I want to be a Sales Engineer?  No, but sort of.

Just settling into office, not letting self think too much about any one singular entrapping thing.  Not that anything is entrapping, but I know what I mean by that.  You might not, but don’t fret.  Last night looking at students while I was lecturing, seeing them take notes and much more orderly than I do in the little pages, at least up until a certain point yesterday, I take out the bigger journal, I did, this morning from car.  It was just sitting there in the trunk of the foul Prius, and the intention to the bigger journal has always been full lines and full pages.  A pressuring of self which will always prove to be lucrative and productive, and more than productive, loving the labor of love and evidence of such.

Got self a latte, Olivia a Chai something with hazelnut.  I don’t usually celebrate Fridays, but I do this one.  And not from having tomorrow, technically, “off”.  There are no days off, only a writing of self and more and more writing of what’s around me.  Reading Road last night with the 1A seats, everything they think and the questions they would share with me concerning Dean and Sal and their relationship, I think of me and my travels here in this office, at Sonic, in the AAE/AE character.  Everything connecting.  “Everything is Everything”, which sounds despicably simple and banal, but all the same valid and informative.

Distracted by conversation….  Why not.  One of those days, or not just one, but now, this time at my desk.  Appointment later to go over morning appointment.  Learn more, and be fearless in my pursuit, YOUR pursuit, of education.  Going to take a break in a few, or not a break but moment to write.  Write more and keep writing.  Start the book… thought from last night.  What on? Wine, of course, and the wine writer at a tech company.  First person… no, third.  NO… FIRST.  Okay.  So that’s decided more or less.  And don’t sell the book.  Keep moving.. be like your students, more like your students and less like yourself.  Study, simplify.  Last night having some Rose, then the rest of the Grenache which was only about a glass and a quarter.  I don’t want the tasting room anymore, but then I do.  Then I shift my approach and thought throws to just go in and have fun.  Deliberately try NOT to work

Wine writer in a tech company.  And how I spoke of what we offer business clients was with the same heart and vibrantce, the same ebullience as I do with wine, and literature, and writing, reading, to the students and how I urge them to make the semester about their story and not the curriculum coffin or some demands from the department, or the school.