So much around me buzzing and circling with antagonistic aptitude.  Cleared off desk.  In one of those ‘don’t know what to write’ wheels.  How do I get out, by not trying to get out but embracing the perceived block.  Writing about tech in my little journal, the pages Mom bought me as a gift and had sent here from Oregon.  Tech, but not tech… chasing curiosity, like I said the other day in class, and then last night. Is it…. Thursday already?  Blogging everything, everything, no matter how boring. How is anyone to say it’s boring.  Not finding Sonic boring, in any regard.  Wrote down aims for day.. how many have I hit?  Two.  Better than nothing, I guess.

What do you do, in your day to day, to not just grow your business but better know it?  Especially if you’re in tech?  And, what do you write to yourself as notes and nudges of urgency to reach and further realize those aims?

This week, as I wrote over the past couple days here on blog and in journals, has been different.  Something is clicking… or aligning, becoming symphonious or more music-meant with more place and purpose, and speak in the spoken and unspoken nature of things.  This is not tech, this isn’t really even literature, but a cloud of plausible bridges.

Vowing to self to blog it all.  Have it written on a post-it atop the little journal.  And now, I re-write and again compose my thoughts on being in tech, now.  No longer depending on the wine industry, at all.  No longer waiting for people to walk into a tasting room  No more. I do miss walking the vineyard, but that’s about it.  And I have to say that walking in and out of this office day to day, visiting prospects and soon-to-be clients, speaking this new language….  Write in a tech office, at an internet company, becoming someone new but in no way doing so.  Holding to core convictions and essential beings in the principle being.  No more of that what-to-write stall and self-imposed intrusion.  None.  So now what… plan tomorrow–  Visit prospect at 9, then after walk around the territory and just say HI.  No selling.  Again, reader…. What do you do when you prospect, when you speak your business?  Do you have an approach, or do you just go out and be seen and engage in any conversation that your way heads?

Off soon, and from here, going somewhere to brainstorm on Sonic ideas.  Class doesn’t start till 7 and I’ll leave here around 4:15 or :20, so I’ll have plenty of time for me and my notes.  Have everything connect… blog it all.  Everything.  Even the fact when going to prospects food shop I had my first EVER gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.  Wasn’t bad, and I was surprised, and relieved as I was for a split second terrified that I wouldn’t like it and take a bite and make some face in front of the nice lady who placed it in front of me, a gesture obviously intended to be nice after she noticed me looking at them closely and me remarking how amazing they looked.