No Starbucks, didn’t buy lunch, and noted 6.56 miles at lunch run.  Productive day, and not just that, not just for sakes of productivity, but feeling like I am where I need be.  And not focusing on product or service, or even any of them.  And no geographical emphasis, either.  Just getting out there, speaking.  By day HUNDRED, I’ll be on more than just autopilot.  My agency will be FULLY up, aloft, in total flight.  Little tired after run, but I’m still moving.  May need a cup of coffee at some point, soon.  Yes, good idea.  But just one more.  Trying to cut back on caffeine, have been moderately successful in that try.

What else…. Could clean desk a bit, or let it gather more notes, more business cards, more of what people would call “clutter”, but is anything but.

3:58. Bought sparkling water at café down the road with some loose change from desk.  Having some of the snacks Abe gave me just after my run.  Looking for businesses to contact, and had an idea, one that will further hone my practice here at Sonic for the P-O-Z Agency, directly.

Yes, I absolutely stumbled upon something.  And maybe not stumbled, but connected with something as a result of my movements.  Don’t want to write it, here or anywhere in fear of an accidental self-hex.  But there is definitely something here.

Connectedness, connectedness…. in genuine connection, not just networking.  Want to know more about the people and the business the entire story.  Forget yourself for a bit and be utterly and willingly enveloped in where you are and what greets you.  Today has been a ride, for which I didn’t buy the ticket I wrote it myself.  I chose this train.  Loving it.  Will have to take Sonic laptop home with me, to continue work—Wait, no I don’t.  I’ll write on the wife laptop and email to self all ideas and research findings.

Calming self.  Not allowing too much altitude, immediately.  Have to write someone in company, but before I do, more notes.  Planning day.. Meeting at SR Chamber at 8am, then straight to office.  Shorter run tomorrow at lunch, 5 miles.  Class tomorrow night, grade when on campus.  Can’t believe I already have shit to grade.  Not a problem.  What I love, now.  Used to hate grading.  Gives me more content and talk material in the Room.

Everyone left, from the bullpen, or barnyard as Julia calls it.  Time to self, all the activity in this office and people talking about porting and pairs, CO distances, ethernet over copper, and everything else.  The new language sinks in.  No, no more of that silly firehose analogy.  Didn’t make that many calls today, but did move in other more creative ways, through research and… then another idea collides with my frame, this character here.  What’s happening to me, today?  And thinking of how my day started and that mood… that mood I excommunicated and has not attempted a return.

Will celebrate with wine, tonight.  Will write.  Notes.  Smaller entries and jots (this post not considered, obviously, as I’m pretty sure I’m now over 500 words).