Oneness Again Promised

Meeting with leads group this morning.  Shot quick video.  Productivity already producing and profuse, this morning.  Hoping to run at lunch, but I’m considerably hungry.  Can eat right after the run, telling self.  Keep the movement noticeably to self, and educating.

Garmin charging, workout articles under desk.  Everything I need for a lunch run, right here with me.  No excuses, like so many of my running connections say.  Leaving for Petaluma meeting in twenty minutes.  Then back here for some calls, creative prospecting work.  Creativity, conversation…. Last night I decided to prove more that I can actuate what I advocate.  Produce more through control of character, story, control the character and you control the story.

May have to cancel afterwork meeting, today.  Not happy about doing do.  Today on day 5 of my mission to the office and Road and whatever else, I’m seeing the story with more glimmer and promise.  And that waking early, earlier than usual needs to be a set practice.  It’s more than philosophy, more than discipline.  It’s right here, in the Sonic office with me.  What I do for Sonic and how I approach business.  Creatively.  It should always be creative, and ever-moving, changing, evolving and vocal, narrative.

Last night before going to bed, I decided to change the story.  How I see everything.  Hoping to maintain it indefinitely, if not eternally.  But there needs to be a shift in disposition.  A takeover of yay-saying presence and speak.  I want my first signing, in my new post in this business-to-business department.  I feel it nearing, but feeling isn’t material.  I’ll just force it into immediacy.   With poetic business hand.  Not so much doing the job less, but speaking and utilizing self MORE.

Anymore this could be a business blog, not a wine blog.  But it’s wine that taught me to study more closely the Now, where I am and what I’m doing.  Wine precipitated and initiated all this.  This is a ramble, I know, but that’s what the morning has caused and promoted in my story.  The movement tireless, and I can’t stop in the composition of my principle composition.

Challenge to self, today… more singularity, more focus.  Promising self, ONENESS.  Containment.  Support and speak the thesis, like I begged students.  I would always tell them, start with and return to a singular word or thought.  This morning reminds me, as does the Sonic office.  Shifting character, mood, approach, disposition like I said.  A set practice, yes, but one trenchant and repeatedly told.  Taking off, like Kerouac.  For the Road, my Road, my character and story revisited.  Writing about this office and what it provides in way of prose and specifics… the pens, files, notes, folders, notes to self, folders with self notes and visions.