Wine in kitchen.

Sold six bottles and a magnum, today.

What this new project is, I still don’t know. But I know what I want.

The grapes today, going through their stage shift, teaching me. What. To be more lovely, more full of not so much life but story… my voice.

Taking notes here as I did when a Field Sales Sup’ at Sonic. Should be observational and removed, objective. Maybe this project need be a third-person perspective and press.


Mike looks at wine, stops for a second and goes over day, the lady who kept describing wine as juicy, so juicy. Mike not knowing what to say. Mike accentuated and strangely actuated at counter in chair and wonders about this coming week. Another in his new post. Told some people in his new department that he’d workout with them, in some CrossFit-like class during lunch. He regrets his near-promise. Hell go for a run, not care about reaction. Mike doesn’t want some “instructor” yelling at him on his break. The run is for more than exercise, but contemplation and collection, meditation.

Mike sips. Possibly his last glass for day. Hot in kitchen. What does he want for day two… how should he know. This is a new project he thought of at the gas station while putting in gas.

Time to himself. Quiet. Everyone asleep upstairs. Wine. Meditation. More than that but a…. moment, to self.